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I don’t understand somethings. Number one, why is it that I choose the wrong people to let in? It seems that this is some fucked up endless cycle. I must have my people vision all outta check. I give and give and give and don’t ask for anything in return except for honesty (which is the most important and thoughtful thing anyone could give me, and it’s actually fucking sad that I rarely see it these days) and friendship. When I say friendship I don’t mean ‘oh, smile in my face and as soon as my back is turned the damn teeth snarl back and claws are dug into my vertebrae’. I do however value a friendship that is forward in times of good and bad. It’s like my boss said once; “You won’t know who your true friends are until things go bad. Yeah sure, everyone wants to be your friend when things are going smoothly..but let there be dark times, when you’re down and out and there’s issues spiraled all around you. Look who’s there then… I’ll bet not the crowd, they’ve scurried away to find some safe house, left you in the dark. The one’s that are still there, yeah those are real friends”. 

Number two, if you have something to say…fucking say it. I don’t play messenger girl to those who wanna back talk others and I expect the same respect. If you’re having problems don’t sit in the corner of some dark alley waiting for some scapegoat to vent to. GO TO THE PROBLEM. That’s shit’s no joke when they say honesty will set you free…but honestly, that shit only works when you’re being “truthful” to the one who made you feel that way from the fucking get go. 

Number three, (Yes, I’m ranting wayy more than usual right now) spite kills the personality of any human being. That speaks for itself but some are still dumbed down to the idea so let me say this: rubbing your wealth, your knowledge, your gifts, your anything in someones face is just as easy as saying, “can you punch me, now?” …so try to avoid that. It’s the most simple way of making another person feel like shit just to boost your ego a little higher into your own omniscient mindset.

Do you get it yet? —Don’t be fake, don’t lie, don’t back stab, and fuck your spitefulness. The end.